Welcome to our Souvenir DVDs store Our “Travel Videos 4 You” Souvenir DVD’s  Professionally filmed & edited for you to discover and/or remember great islands countries. The images and soundtrack in our films will provide you with entertainment as well as information.  All videos have unobtrusive bilingual titles to help you understand and appreciate what you see. No voice-over comments to tell you what to think ... If you already visited some of Vanuatu or Marshall islands, you can now take some great video souvenirs home!   Enjoy watching again what you have seen with your own eyes and watch what you missed so far ! Offer some DVDs to your family & friends ... share them with your local traveler’s club, ...   We know you will want to come back and explore some more of these great nations offers to visitors. If you always wanted to visit Vanuatu or the Marshal Islands someday ... these videos will help you plan what parts of them you will want to see!  Take advantage of our years of islands exploration! Look at what the different islands have to offer and choose what you would like to experience first hand ! © www.TravelVideos4you.com    @2011